I choose

The greatest gift you can hand yourself in the process of reform and unbecoming is the autonomy to choose.

To choose

…what you want.

… what you love.

… what you believe.

… what you do.

… what you value.

…what you agree to.

…what you stay with.

…what you are allowed to change.

One of the systems that is (thankfully and finally) coming down is the hierarchical way we have been handed scripts about who we must be and what we must believe, what we have to do and what it has to look like to be ‘you’.

It is a beautiful season where the lines are being redrawn about what it means to be a man or a woman, single or in a relationship, in faith structures and social structures and even in our home roles.

And yet, the legacy of being told who to be lives on. Even in the boldest of us, it takes time and intention to shed a lifetime of shoulds. But each time we choose to pick up an ounce of permission to choose and change, we find a new sense of freedom to unbecome what we are supposed to be and to start becoming who we really are.

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