what if?

What if this is happening

for us,

not to us?

What if the crumbling systems

need to crumble?

What if the same systems

need to crumble

in you and I?

What if a ‘new normal’

first needed the ‘old normal’ to be gone?

What if we were never 

going to let it go easily?

What if this is bringing out

the best in humanity?

What if it could bring out

the best in you?

What if the reality of 



‘me first’

too much


too busy

disconnected families

everything I want immediately

could never have lasted?

What if it was never supposed to last?

What if history will look back kindly?

What if in the middle of the crumbling you simply

let yourself be

let yourself heal

let yourself grieve

let yourself feel?

What if you don’t

tweet it

or post it

or snap it

or share it?

but instead you hold it close

like a small bird born too soon

who needs to be protected for a while

until it’s ready to find its wings?

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