Back to Basics

I had my first session with a social media marketing strategist today. She is helping me fill in the knowledge gaps around marketing that I never learned. I’m passionate about getting the reform message out there for anyone who needs to know that change is possible, even in the most stuck places of your life.

We started right back at the basics – what do I do, and with whom and why.

She was asking me the question I know the answer to because I asked myself this question seven years ago: who are you and what are you doing here?

The funny thing is, I’ve not gone back over that work in a while, not since writing my new coaching programme. Crazy, huh??!

It was so good to be reminded to go back to basics – to know who I am and to know what I do. And honestly, this is step one for all of us when we’re making anything, creating anything, changing anything, birthing anything. Take yourself back and re-clarify who you are and what you’re doing here and the path ahead literally widens in front of your eyes.

And if you don’t know? I encourage you to do that work – on your own, with a friend, with a partner or with a coaching professional – but do the work. It’s the best and most powerful foundation to authentic living, working and being.

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