a simple reminder…

A simple reminder:

No-one else has the power to name what you are or are not – unless you give them that power.

No-one else can decide what is enough for you – unless you hand them the power to decide.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the eye of the beloved.

Your path is unique. Stop walking other peoples’ paths. They will always be impossible to navigate.

You haven’t failed. You may just have found clear ways to not move forward.

Success is whatever you decide success is.

The world out there gets lots of things wrong. Don’t assume they’re right when they say things that feel wrong.

Your compass for the life that is yours lives in you. And only in you.

There is no one right path. But there is a one right next step.

No amount of getting it wrong is weightier than one choice to try again.

Wisdom is hard earned. It will take you a while.

You can do this. Because you were made for this. You just need to know which ‘this’ is yours.

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