inspiration and village elders

Double post day!

Well, I couldn’t let the day go past without linking to an amazing video I watched today. More below… but first…

One of the things I want for this blog is that I can share the story of other people who are reforming, changing and busting boundaries that have held them in too small, too stuck places for too long. I have my own areas of reform and deconstruction – faith, femininity, marriage and motherhood being the main four with a thousand other areas woven in to different degrees. Some of you will share these areas but others of you will be drawn here for the conversation but not necessarily the commonalities. Part of the reason I want to share videos, quotes, book recommendations, podcasts and other such wonderfulness is that these may speak to your deconstruction in a way I can’t because it’s not my story.

The other part of the reason is that we all need village elders – the wise ones who have walked the path and can offer us hard-won wisdom. I have ‘elders’ in my faith journey, in my examination on femininity, and in the areas of marriage and parenting. And then sometimes you just come across someone glorious enough that they are an elder just because… and almost everything they create or say or put out in the world seems to speak to your soul and move you forwards to freedom and boldness.

So find elders that can help you on your journey of shifting and unravelling, and I hope some of the things I share here can bring you wisdom too.

So first up… this video. Here’s to calling out bullshit rules around women, femininity, beauty and the crazy of the entertainment industry. Enjoy. And here’s to all the leading ladies who say ‘HELL NO!’ to fitting in a box.

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